Five main points to help you stay away from the inferior cabinet case

Update Time:2020-01-15
To choose appropriate cabinet, let’s start with quality at first. The quality of manufacturing technology has great influence to the quality of cabinet. The cabinet with poor quality will have many quality problems, such as the steel plate edge has burr, sharp, and other bad appearance, and the exposed corners have not been folded processing, it is easy to scratch the worker’s hands. In addition, each insert card slot location of the cabinet with good quality is relatively accurate, will not have the problems, such as accessories can not be assembled or dislocation.
So, how to choose the good quality cabinet? Please refer to below points. 
1. Material.
The material of machine have several types. In general, sheet metal case is the choice of most people. When choosing this kind of case, the steel plate must be thick. It is only the solid shell that can provide protection for the board card, power supply and storage equipment, but also can prevent pressure, shock, dust, and also can play the role of preventing electromagnetic interference and radiation, shielding electromagnetic radiation. In addition, sheet metal cabinet also provides easy to use indicator light of panel switch, more convenient for microcomputer operation and microcomputer operation monitoring.
2. Configuration.
Because the rear of the equipment will generate a lot of heat, the cabinet baffles chose should be more, but also have cooling holes, meanwhile the side wall fan should be installed in the rear wall of the cabinet. There should also be an iron lining to hold the cable in order to prevent damage to the cable.
3. Accessories.
Since the installation material includes network cables, telecommunications cables, and power cables, it is necessary to purchase hook-and-loop or toothed straps to effectively secure the cables in the cabinet in an orderly manner. If cabinet contains cable management module to make cable can be fixed directly in perpendicular mounting rail, it is better. 
4. Function.
Think about safety.
5.Heat dissipation.
At first, equipment heat should be estimated. In general, two to four fans on the top will work, however the more the better.